Who is Carrie Leaver?

With the relevant skills, experience and passion, Carrie is well equipped to facilitate and consult relevant and sustainable positive change. With a strong understanding of social enterprise and entrepreneurship, she is able to marry the world of purpose and profit to bring real impact and train strong entrepreneurs.

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What is social impact?

Social impact is about turning compassion into action. So many South Africans are eager to ‘give back’ or contribute to building something positive in their communities or in South Africa but are often unsure of where to start. Social Agents is equipped to inspire and guide ones compassion into sustainable and relevant action through various services.

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Social Entrepreneurship

Business models worldwide are having to shift their paradigms due to the increasing social & environmental constrains our societies are faced with. Innovative and progressive business is highly influential when it comes to social and environmental sustainability. With an increasing population of millennials and a socially/environmentally conscious group, business has been forced to re-evaluate their values and objectives.

Today, entrepreneurs are looking to drive innovation far beyond profit and strive to reach double/triple bottom lines; profit, people AND planet. Social Agents provides various training options for entrepreneurs across South Africa, guiding them through various aspects of getting started with what is current and relevant to making a mark as a start-up in South Africa.

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Social Agents Allies


  • 'Carrie has a strong ability to turn ambiguous visions into strong and measurable projects.'
    ACTIVATE! - Change Drivers NPO.
  • Carrie has an action oriented work ethic with strong follow-through. Her attention to detail allows for great project development and management'
    Startup Safari